Testing & Analysis

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Testing& Analysis

We are an industry leading trusted provider of specialist scientific analysis, research, development and training for the food, drink, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Providing scientific solutions that drive safety, quality and compliance, we help you produce world-leading brands that are safe, innovative, of the highest quality and meet regulatory and consumer demands We are customer focused, science driven, results led.
Commissioned or Contract Research
Contract or commissioned research is a project carried out to a specific client brief; for example, proof of concept, proof of market or market analysis. It may involve R&D, market research, laboratory testing, data analysis or field trips and can be short-term or long-term. The focus of a contract or commissioned research project is to apply research to real world problems.
Collaborative Research
Collaborative research brings two or more parties together in a research partnership, each bringing their own expertise to the partnership. Collaborative research is a mid to long term commitment, often funded by Research Institutes, government or charities, and the results are published.
A consultancy project addresses a business issue or challenge and involves specific problem-solving for the client organisation. It is usually carried out on a short timescale, the results are confidential and the client owns the Intellectual Property (IP).
Testing & Validation
Our expert academics can conduct rapid prototyping, product development, model generation and computer simulations in specialist laboratories.
Laboratory Testing Services
We are an independent, third party service provider that offers a complete portfolio of material and product testing to support a wide variety of industry sectors including Automotive, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, among others.
Expert Support
Clients call on us for guidance and support throughout their product lifecycle. Combining in-depth scientific and technical understanding with extensive industrial experience, our team have the skills and experience to undertake entire product design and development programmes, tackle one-off projects or provide rapid-response troubleshooting. Please browse our range of services below and get in touch with one of our experts.
Accessing Research Funding
Looking for finance to develop your leading-edge ideas into reality? Your organisation could benefit from research and development initiatives funded via European, National and Local Government. We can help you access that funding. Why go it alone when you can work with us to access research funding?
Product Testing
Our analytical laboratories are used independently for data only projects or combined with other areas of our technical consulting services for comprehensive projects. We typically support the following activities throughout the product lifecycle.